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  •  Diagnostic Fee – A $35.00 diagnostic fee will be collected before examining your mobile device. A $50.00 diagnostic fee will be collected before examining your Tablets & Moisture Damaged devices. If Complete Cellular Service LLC is able to repair your device and you give us authorization to do so, this fee will be applied to the repair fee.
  •  Pickup & Shipping – If repaired device is not picked up locally or not paid for with return shipping within 15 days of first contact by Complete Cellular Repair, the device becomes property of Complete Cellular Repair.
  •  Warranty – Manufacturer warranties of mobile devices become void with physical damage, moisture damage, or repair service. Complete Cellular Repair provides a 30-Day warranty on all repairs completed by our technician(s). Our 30-day warranty begins on date of repair.
  •  Acceptance – By sending us your tablet or mobile device for repairs you acknowledge and fully understand and accept the terms stated above. For more terms and conditions regarding shipping, damages, and other questions please see our disclaimer and privacy policy.

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